Educators for Student Success is a not-for-profit education organization that serves public schools, charters (public and/or independent), parochial, and non-public schools. Our experienced educators provide individualized instructional and operational support in the following areas:

Activities and Programs

Our consultants focus on the enhancement and strengthening of pedagogical strategies that improve classroom instruction, through the alignment of learning practices to the standards, content, and pedagogy necessary to meet the needs of ALL students including ENL’s & SWD’s.

Through the use of Adaptive and Transformational Leadership models, our support for educational leaders is aimed at enriching and strengthening distributive  school leadership strategies, that focus on instruction, interventions, teacher effectiveness, and Professional Learning Communities, necessary to the  improvement of academic outcomes for all students as measured by classroom, city and state assessments.

A school culture and climate that demonstrates validation of social-emotional growth, academic progress, community and family engagement, and College and Career Readiness for ALL students, is essential to the establishment of successful urban schools. Our consultants focus on these components as we unwrap the high expectations identified in each school’s goals to the daily practices implemented in all classrooms and common activities.

Schools that have strong teacher teams and functioning Professional Learning Communities have demonstrated greater focus on joint ownership of public learning, necessary for Student progress. ESS has expertise in the development, support, and implementation of a myriad of collaborative strategies aimed at supporting and strengthening the infusion of a school’s instructional focus into pedagogical practice. These models include a deeper understanding of PLCs, Implementation of Instructional Rounds, Teacher Rounds, EdCamps, and Goal Based Learning Walks.  Teacher teams also include data chats, and Cultural Proficiency activities.

From “Masterful Parenting” to ESS parent engagement support, our work involves the important expansion of learning from the schoolhouse to the home and community.

The Educators for Student Success Urban Scholars Program is a not-for-profit initiative geared towards providing intellectually and artistically talented students in grades 4-12 with experiences that will help them to compete academically, socially and emotionally with their peers from more affluent communities.